The research focuses on an area of AI Education and AI eHealth.

AI in eHealth: AI ChatBot assistant for patients with heart failure. The aim is to develop and scientific evaluate a new interactive Chatbot architecture that combines current deep learning models with symbolic dialogue management.

AI in Education: The research focuses on Artificial Intelligence Automated Planning; Automated planning is being used in various domains for generating processes that require to bridge a current and a desired state of affairs. In this context, I see Learning as a process that guides a learner to bridge her current knowledge and skills to some desired ones. E.g., the generated non-deterministic plans enables learners to track a personalised learning path in order to achieve the desired knowledge.

Furthermore, the research is related to:

  • Chatbots using Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning
  • Cloud eLearning (a concept coined from the work that have been done during my PhD studies)
  • Knowledge representation and reasoning
  • Personalisation and self-adaptive systems
  • Recommender Systems
  • Data mining algorithms, Education data mining
  • Sentiment Analysis
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